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2 Industry Insiders Give Us Tips on Creating Healthy Habits

January 28, 2020

Creating healthy habits can be hard, since some habits don’t have immediate or obvious rewards. Think: meditation, yoga, going for a walk, or eating less sugar. We know that making habits you can stick to can be a challenge, to say the least. That’s why we reached out to two of our favorite health experts, Whole30 Co-Founder Melissa Urban and functional medicine practitioner Dr. Will Cole for their favorite ways to make health a lasting habit. 

Experts weigh in on creating healthy habits

From Whole30 Co-Founder Melissa Urban

My best tip for making health a habit is to make it EASY. As I discussed in my podcast with James Clear, if you can physically prime your environment for making healthy choices, then traveling throughout your day as a healthy person with healthy habits will be a breeze! Prep breakfast ahead of time, lay your gym clothes out (right down to your undies) the night before, have your Whole30 water bottle by your work bag as a reminder to stay hydrated, pack emergency snacks in case work runs late, clear junk food out of sight in your pantry, place a book on the coffee table as a reminder to read instead of watch TV, and have a stash of herbal tea at the ready in case late-night cravings strike. Create a healthy “flow” to your day, and remove any obstacles that stand in your way of making healthy choices.

From Dr. Will Cole

Focus on one change at a time

Cleaning up your entire diet can be a daunting task. By focusing on swapping out or taking out one new food a week, you’ll be able to ease into eating healthier. This can make the change more sustainable as you can really focus on finding substitutions for your most beloved foods and recipes.

Batch cook your meals

Making a different recipe for every single meal during the week can be overwhelming and expensive. Save yourself time and stress by cooking a large batch of a single recipe that can be portioned out throughout the week.

Give yourself grace

There should be grace and lightness to wellness. If you don’t give yourself grace for mistakes, you are going to ultimately give up if you aren’t perfect. Remember, no one is perfect, and it is ok to slip up. What makes the difference is picking up wherever you left off and starting again.

What’s your favorite way to make health a habit?

Snap Kitchen Staffers Weigh In

We also wanted to ask our own staff here at Snap Kitchen about their favorite healthy habits. From working out to proper hydration, a select few had a lot to say.

Alyssa Scavetta

Senior Copywriter

“My favorite thing to do to reset is, well, to write! Whether it’s taking my dreams and forming them into a narrative, or writing in a blog style, writing helps me to digest my day a little better so I can easily let it all go. I also really love going on long walks around my neighborhood, especially after dinner when all the dogs are out on walks!”

Graham Perks

Principal Mobile Developer

“I get to bed on time, rise early, and avoid the rush-hour stress! I also eat fruit every day.”

Sam Presicci

Lead Registered Dietitian

“I try not to look at my phone until after I’ve completed my morning routine, which includes drinking water and a long walk at the nature preserve with my two dogs (without headphones or distractions). On a good day, my routine also includes journaling and meditation. By limiting screen time first thing in the morning, I set myself up for a productive and balanced day.”

Megan McLindon

Product Manager – Direct Ship

“I wake up at 5:00 am for morning yoga and daily meditation & gratitude. I also drink a minimum of 128 oz of water each day, eat a plant-based diet, and read with my kids every night.”

Danielle Smith

General Manager at One Allen Center in Houston

“Yoga is one of my favorite healthy habits and has taught me many lessons both on and off my mat. I also try to practice being present in the moment and it’s way harder than it sounds! This helps me to stop worrying about everything I need to get done and makes me focus on me.”

Sarah Pettry

Registered Dietitian

“Each day I strive to drink 1 gallon of water and play outside with my dog for at least an hour! I also aim to do at least 45 minutes of physical activity 5 times a week. My favs are yoga and spin class!”


Interested in creating healthy habits of your own, but don’t know where to start? We can help. With Snap Kitchen meal plans, your shopping, chopping, and cooking are taken care of. Get a meal for every day, or for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When starting a new habit, it helps if you start small, and we can make it easy to get into the swing of a new lifestyle.


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