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4 Ways to Resist Sweets During the Holidays

December 6, 2018

While we are steadfast in our commitment to food quality and strive to provide you with the tools to live your healthiest life, we also know that eating well can be tough— especially around the holidays. With sweet treats in the office and at every social gathering, it’s difficult to indulge without going overboard. That’s exactly why we want to help you tame that inner sugar-dragon and offer up some alternative options that won’t derail your progress (but will satisfy that craving).

Eat slowly, sitting down, without distraction

This one seems easy, but it’s far from it. Most of us are used to eating while distracted (we’re looking at you Instagram, Facebook, and Netflix!). When we sit down to eat a meal, it seems that there are few things we pay less attention to than our food. If you eat without distraction, however, it’s a lot easier to stop when you’ve had enough. An added bonus? You’ll tune into the flavors and experience of your meal that much more.

Eat a balanced meal before you dive into the sugar

You want a mix of protein, healthy fat, and veggies at each meal. Cravings for sweets often come about because you either haven’t eaten enough or you haven’t eaten enough satiating protein and healthy fats. If you still want a sweet treat after you’ve eaten your meal, ask yourself if you actually tuned into the meal you just ate (see: the aforementioned tip). If you did tune into your meal and still want some dessert, go for it! But mindful eating still applies.

Recognize that not every treat is worth it

Are you eying a store-bought cookie in your office kitchen that really isn’t anything special? This type of treat is seldom worth eating. If you had a bite and realized the cookie wasn’t as good as you thought it would be, you’re under no obligation to go any further. You can stop eating right then and there. That’s freedom.

Don’t guilt or shame yourself after the fact

Whether you ate a slice of pie or an entire pie, no amount of criticizing yourself will improve your physical state. Instead of approaching any given situation with judgment, be curious. Ask yourself if, in the future, you could do anything different to feel better than you do at that moment. If the answer is yes, write down a few ways to approach the situation differently next time. And here’s a secret: one meal or one day of overindulgence won’t derail your progress. That said, the endless cycle of shame, guilt, and then going overboard will.

Extra, extra: Healthier alternatives to have on hand

While we’re firm believers in eating what you crave when it’s worth it, we know that sometimes it’s nice to have healthier dessert alternatives. We’ve got you covered with sweets with better-for-you ingredients like almond flour, organic maple syrup, and coconut oil.

A few fun ideas:

Our dark chocolate, brownie, blondie, or any of Hail Merry’s cups or bites. But, heads up, the same tips apply, even for healthier treats.


Looking for a full diet reset after the holidays? Check out Whole30-approved meals from Snap Kitchen. Remove commonly inflammatory foods like grains, soy and sugar for 30 days and watch your health, habits, and relationship with food improve.

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