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5 Women Owned Companies We Love

March 18, 2019

Here at Snap, we carry lots of women-owned products, and today we want to celebrate a few of them. All of our third party products are carefully chosen based on our strict standards, and the brands we’re highlighting today are no exception. Whenever we’re choosing new products, we have a long list of ingredients we simply won’t tolerate, from gluten to refined sugar to vegetable oils. We learn from the latest science and research as we go and refine as needed so that we can be sure we’re always providing you with the highest quality products on the market. While we’re spotlighting five specific brands today, know that all of our third party products get our seal of approval. Otherwise they wouldn’t be on our store shelves!

Fond Bone Broth

We think it’s pretty obvious by now that we’re a bit obsessed with Fond. We’re even sharing an interview with the owner, Alysa Seeland, on the blog next week. Alysa founded Fond after seeing the dramatic positive health impact that bone broth had on her entire family, and she’s committed to using only the highest quality ingredients. Bone broth has numerous health benefits, from gut healing to improved immune health to better sleep. Fond takes bone broth to the next level, using pasture-raised chicken bones and organic vegetables, herbs and spices for the most nourishing broth that money can buy. Whether you’re paleo, keto, low carb or completing a Whole30, bone broth can fit into your daily routine.

Curious about how to use it? Fond is so delicious that we recommend drinking it straight up, but we also love using it to pan-cook vegetables, to make soup, or even to cook your rice in instead of water. The options are endless!

Jillz Crackers

We love Jill! Jill went looking for a grain free cracker for her gluten intolerant husband and couldn’t find one that was free of rice, corn, soy, dairy, wheat, sugar, grain or fillers. That’s when she began her journey to find the perfect balance of “flavor, crisp and crunch” with a few simple ingredients. We’d say she succeeded!

Jilz crackers satisfy a variety of dietary needs, from vegan to paleo and are made with squeaky clean ingredients. You would think a cracker made from mostly nuts & seeds wouldn’t taste all that great, but these taste like the real deal. We love them paired with our chicken salad, but we have it on good authority that they also taste delicious as an accompaniment to cheese, hummus, or bean dip, too. We’re all for versatility! These only have 5g of net carbohydrates, too, so they even work if you’re trialing keto or just watching your carb intake.


If you live in Austin and you haven’t heard of Picnik, you need to visit one of their locations ASAP. They have strict quality standards that we’re totally on board with. Picnik was founded by Naomi Seifter after battling chronic, food-allergy related chronic illness since childhood. After changing her own diet to a paleo-based template and seeing the benefits, she opened the first Picnik trailer in 2013 to share her allergy-friendly, gluten free food with the world.

We’re proud to carry Picnik’s bottled coffees, matcha, and their creamer. Made with the highest quality ingredients, we dare you not to get hooked. We even wrote a blog post all about them last year. With ingredients like grass-fed butter, MCT oil, pure maple syrup and grass-fed whey protein, their drinks and creamer have a functional twist that’ll leave both your taste buds and your belly satisfied.

OHi Bars

OHi bars are the most delicious snack that you’ve never heard of. This superfood bar was born out of a mission to make a truly nourishing bar. OHi’s founder Dawn realized that the protein bars she used daily were filled with chemical additives and less-than-stellar ingredients. Though the bars originated in Hawaii, they quickly grew in popularity and spread to the mainland. In Hawaiian, OHi means “To Gather” and in Maori means “To Rise, To Elevate.”

These bars are truly real food-focused, with only the most nourishing and pronounceable ingredients. They’re a great option if you’re looking for a lower carb, higher fat bar, since most bars trend in the other direction! You can find OHi in the refrigerated case, which means they’re truly as fresh as possible. They’re great for an on-the-go snack or as a breakfast stand-in when you’re in a bind. Pair with our beef thins or a jerky stick for an extra protein boost.

Health Lab

Health Lab was founded with $5,000 and a dream in 2015 by Jess, who was tired of supposedly “healthy” snacks that had mile-long ingredients and tasted like cardboard. So, she started making her date balls in Melbourne, Australia and the rest is history. Health Lab only expanded to the US market in September of 2018, so we’re probably one of the only places you’ll find these special little snacks stateside.

With extra simple ingredients and functional add-ons like collagen or probiotics, Health Lab balls pack a big punch. We currently carry their probiotic snack and we love that it only has 7 ingredients. You’ll be surprised how filling they are as an afternoon snack or as an addition to your morning coffee.

Have you tried any of these brands before? If not, we encourage you to give them a try and let us know what you think below!

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