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6 Mouthwatering Avocado #SnapHacks You’ll Want to Try For Yourself

July 31, 2020

We’re all about avocado here at Snap Kitchen. After all, avocado is one of those superfoods for a reason. While avocado is a little higher in calories than most fruits (and yes, it is a fruit), it’s incredibly high in healthy fats, too. 

Here’s what else the avocado contains: tons of Vitamin K, Folates, Potassium (more than a banana!), Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5 & B6. Many of these nutrients are linked to reduced blood pressure — great for those looking to make their heart stronger. 

You’ve probably also heard that avocado contains healthy fats. This refers to the oleic acid — a major nutrient found in olive oil. It contains anti-inflammatory properties and has been linked to a reduced risk of cancer. Don’t even get us started on the fiber contained within a single avocado (3 grams or 11% of your daily serving!). Truly, the avocado contains multitudes. 

So, today, on #NationalAvocadoDay, we wanted to celebrate all things avocado with some of our favorite #SnapHacks to elevate your lunch, no matter where you are. 

1. Large – Turkey Chili with Beans + Wholly Avocado + Siete Chips

Grain-free, gluten-free, and will totally satisfy those cravings. This large-sized portion of our classic Turkey Chili with Beans is only elevated when you heat up and then add our Wholly Avocado on top. All you need to do is open that bag of Siete chips and dip away!

2. Bubba’s Blazing Buffalo ‘nana Chips + Wholly Avocado 

The perfect after-school, after work, pre-workout snack. Bubba’s Blazing Buffalo ‘nana Chips are made with green, low-sugar bananas, and flavored with real buffalo wing spices for a crunchy bite that tastes all chip, no ‘nanner. Dip them in avocado for an added kick. 

3. Sloppy Joe Loaded Sweet Potato + Wholly Avocado 

Oh yes, we’re breaking out the all-time summer camp favorite for this one. Our recipe for the Sloppy Joe Loaded Sweet Potato is elevated with grass-fed beef, flavorful spices, and no added sugar. Heat up, add some wholly avocado, and you got yourself Sloppy Joe Loaded Sweet Potato Nachos.

4. Breakfast Platter + Wholly Avocado 

Keto and gluten-free, this is your all-American classic. Pork sausage, scrambled eggs, cheesy rice cauliflower topped with avocado — consider your macros balanced. 

5. Over Easy Burger with Sweet Potato + Green Beans + Wholly Avocado 

In this fan-favorite, our grass-fed beef is topped with an over-easy egg and served with sweet potato wedges & pickles, hold the bun. And then add green beans and wholly avocado on the side for that extra serving of wholesome delicious veggies and healthy fats. 

6. Turkey Sausage Breakfast Tacos + Siggi’s – Plain

Available only in our Philadelphia stores for pick up or delivery to your door, this dish is packed with tons of veggies — like peppers and onions — wrapped in a paleo-friendly tortilla. Plus, it comes with our house-made, avocado-based Green Salsa on the side for dipping and sharing. Add a side of Siggi’s for that side of healthy fats, sugar-free. 

Note: Wholly Avocado is only available in Texas markets for local pickup, or same-day delivery to your door. 

Ready to grab one of these delicious meals and add to your basket? We don’t blame you! Shop wholesome, delicious, totally convenient meals for your week today!

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