Expert-Approved HIIT Workout Routine + Diet Tips for Social Distancing

Routines give us the organization that we need when everything else may seem chaotic. It also helps with lowering our stress levels which gives us a better opportunity at a healthier lifestyle, mentally AND physically.

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Is Sodium Bad For You? Here’s The Scoop.

We spend a lot of time at the office combing through your feedback and using it to shape our next moves.

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I Use Collagen Peptides Every Day: Here’s What I’ve Noticed

We’ve already waxed poetic about our love for collagen on the blog before. We love it so much that we include it in both our Glow Water and our Chia Berry Collagen Smoothie.

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Working from Home? Here are 4 Tips to Stay Healthy (+Recipes!)

COVID-19 has impacted us all, in one way or another. As we scroll our feeds, we’ve noticed most of us are practicing social distancing in an effort to help slow the spread of coronavirus, particularly as everyone around the world begins working from home.

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These 7 ‘Healthy’ Snacks Are Actually Not So Healthy For You

Between juice cleanses, diet culture, and celebrity endorsements on Instagram, it seems like there’s a new health fad everywhere you look.

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Ladies: You Should Be Eating These Nutrients Daily

No one ever said being a woman was easy. You’ve got to juggle ten thousand things and also make it look completely effortless.

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Introducing: Culinary Partnerships!

We’re super excited to introduce our newest endeavor – culinary partnerships! With these partnerships, we’ll be bringing you ready-made meals from some awesome players in the health & wellness space.

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Why is Our Relationship with Food So Tumultuous?

The way we eat is guided by so many internal and external factors: our genetics, income level, and even where we live.

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What are Macros, Anyway?

The idea of ‘counting macros’ has been thrown around a lot lately, from health blogs to Instagram ads. But what are macros, anyway?

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