Can you outrun a bad diet?

Even writing down the word ‘diet’ makes the skin crawl. Men and women both (but women, in particular) have been fed the idea that if you work out every day and diet nearly constantly, then you’ll have that perfect body you see everywhere — you know the one.

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How to Stay Hydrated in the Summer Heat

We’re fully in the dog days of summer, and nearing fall. That time of the year when the ice cream immediately melts out of the cone and all over your fingers; when you have to do a little dance to make it across your driveway barefoot; when you’re slathering on the SPF as much as possible.

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DIY: Make your own Trail Mix

August 31 is National Trail Mix day – a day designed to celebrate the miracle snack you eat to build up nutrients on hikes or satisfy a road trip craving.

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We’re officially launching a rotational menu! Here’s what that means.

They say variety is the spice of life — and at Snap Kitchen, we aim to do just that, with fresh ingredients, balanced portions, and delicious meals.

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Sebastian — The Story of a Real-Life IRONMAN

We believe in delicious, healthy food that gives you the perfect balance to fuel your day. And it’s that same belief that steered us towards eventually crossing paths with Sebastian De La Riva. 

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4 tips for working from home with kids

Working from home has always sounded like a dream, right? You have a flexible schedule, save on commuting costs, you only have to get dressed from the waist up, and you can hang out with your awesome kids!

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I Use Collagen Peptides Every Day: Here’s What I’ve Noticed

We’ve already waxed poetic about our love for collagen on the blog before. We love it so much that we include it in both our Glow Water and our Chia Berry Collagen Smoothie.

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How to Meditate in Your Own Home, Right Now

This is truly one of the most chaotic times we’ve ever lived through; not just on a personal level, but as a society.

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How to Limit Your Exposure to Toxins

Many functional medicine practitioners consider there to be a few basic pillars of health: sleep, stress-management/mindset, nutrition, movement, and limiting toxin exposure.

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