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Influencer Wellness Tips for the Holidays

November 8, 2018

Staying happy and healthy during the holidays is about much more than what you eat (although, we have that covered too. Read our RD Sam’s tips: here). We know it’s important to keep our body and mind healthy during this busy time, so we reached out to some of our favorite wellness influencers for their advice. Scroll down to read their tips!

Sydney Torabi, Fitness Trainer & Nutritionist

“Sweat it out! I always feel better after a workout and I am an advocate for ‘you never regret the workouts you make, only the ones you don’t’. Whether it be a light jog around the neighborhood or intense HIIT session, it’s important to stay on a schedule and prep your body for the rest of the day (especially when heavy holiday meals are involved)!”


Gustavo Padron, Yoga + Spin Instructor

“Practice gratitude: you can keep a journal or type it on your iPhone notes. It is known that gratitude increases happiness and decreases stress. When we think/write down what we are grateful for, we shift our focus to what is working vs what not working. It takes 3 seconds. List 3 things you are grateful for right now.”


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CHOOSE [to be] HAPPY. • That’s right, it’s a choice ✨ You make the decision to let people or a situation bring you down or✨ We make hundreds of thousands of choices each day and the choice to have a pity party or to jump in on the drama or to sabotage your goals or to just say f**k it might seem easier… But you don’t need the easy way out✖️You hold all of the power- power against hate, power against envy, & most importantly the power to choose L O V E. – I wake up, drink my lemon 🍋 water, make my coffee & say to myself “today is THE BEST day to have THE BEST day.” because it is. I say it 3 times, just to make sure I really hear myself 😎Because everyday, every moment is an opportunity to be the light, that positive force, that electric⚡️energy. Even in your darkness there is beauty – – those low moments are your chances to CHOOSE to stay there or to pull yourself out. Just try it 🙂 Flip your perspective , smile more, love more, have more fun ❤️! #choosehappy

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Leah Oliver, Lagree Instructor

“During the holidays we tend to focus on everyone but ourselves.  Make it a point, set aside actual time, for YOU. Whether it’s a walk, meditation or just a few minutes with your coffee or matcha before everyone else wakes up.  You’re only good for others if you’re good for yourself!”


Rashad Campbell, Performance Consultant

“Get Active with Your Love Ones! With NFL and NCAA Football games running throughout the holidays live sports is one of the few things that keeps us glued to our TV’s. I encourage my family members to get active during the commercials when we’re watching a game. Write down 10 – 30 exercises on note cards and during each commercial break, pick one at random and complete the exercise. To game-ify the experience, create a grand prize if someone manages to complete all of the selected exercises.”

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