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How Snap Kitchen Saves You Time

May 6, 2019

We’re all about helping you save time, so we thought we’d do a little field testing and get you specifics about just how much time we help you save on a weekly basis. Between shopping, prepping, cooking & cleaning, we knew it would be substantial. And turns out, we were right! Today, we’re outlining a few of the ways we save you time, energy, and confusion, all while helping you feel your best and live your life.

Time Saved

Ok, this one is obvious. By eating Snap meals, you save yourself all that’s involved in preparing food each day & night, from the shopping to the prepping & cleaning. 

Let’s break it down:

  • Grocery shopping – 1 hour
  • Prepping – 10 minutes per recipe or 20-30 minutes for meal prep
  • Cooking – 15-30 minutes, depending on what you’re making. If you’re meal prepping, around 2 hours.
  • Cleaning – 10 – 15 minutes per day, or 20-30 minutes for meal prep.
  • Total for 3 meals/day, 5 days per week? A whopping 4 hours, and that’s on the low end. Do you normally meal prep once a week instead? You’re looking at 3.5 hours (again, on the low end).

And this doesn’t even count drinks, snacks or baked goods! The time adds up quickly, especially when you consider grocery shopping & cleaning. What could you do with that time instead? Here are a few ideas: go for a few nature walks, hit the gym, spend time with your loved ones, or even chill on the couch watching Netflix (we won’t judge). Point is, there’s a big world out there to enjoy!

Curated menu items to reach your goals

Not only do we do the cooking for you, but we also remove the guesswork. We’ve got dietitians and chefs who work together to ensure you’re eating balanced, delicious meals that are perfectly portioned. Do you have dietary restrictions, or certain goals you’re trying to hit? We’ve got you covered there too. An added bonus? No more standing in the aisles of the grocery store trying to decipher deceptive labels, because we’ve done the work for you. You won’t find a meal or product on our shelves that hasn’t been vetted by our dietitians.

You’ll eat well & feel better 

Our entire menu (including third party snacks & drinks) is naturally gluten free, which is not the norm these days. Removing gluten alone can lead to big benefits, like decreased inflammation, better digestion and improved gut health. When you add on the fact that our meals are fresh-prepared & actually taste delicious? Icing on the gluten free cake!
Eat well, feel better, and free yourself from the kitchen. We’re all about that approach!

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