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How to Recycle Snap Kitchen Packaging

December 8, 2020

At Snap Kitchen, one of our core tenets is sustainability. Because of that, we hold ourselves to a high standard of excellence. From the ingredients we source to the packaging we use, we want to ensure positive interactions for our consumers at every turn. 

That’s why we’re committed to using 100% recyclable materials in all of our packaging, from our boxes to our ice packs to our containers. 

As you order your Snap Kitchen weekly meal delivery and start receiving your meal every week, we wanted to provide some answers for FAQs we see the most often.

Are your lids/trays recyclable?

Yes, all of Snap Kitchen’s lids and trays are 100% recyclable! However, just be sure you do the following:

  • Remove the labels from each container
  • Clean, rinse, and dry the containers
  • Then recycle

What should I do with the ice packs that come in each shipment?

Our boxes ship with ice gel packs, filled with an environmentally safe, non-toxic mixture. You can reuse these packs, or, if you’re committed to disposing of them, here’s how we recommend doing so:

  • Let your gel pack fully thaw. 
  • With scissors, cut open a corner of the gel pack and dispose of it in the waste bin.  
  • Rinse, and then recycle the film with other plastics.

Be sure to not drain your gel packs into your kitchen sink. 

Will you be bringing back compostable containers?

We know how much our customers love the oven-friendly & compostable packaging, but, unfortunately, we could not consistently rely on these containers to deliver our meals to our customers in optimal shape, so we don’t have any current plans to bring them back. 

Is it okay to eat meals after the consume-by date?

All Snap Kitchen meals are labeled with a ‘consume-by’ date to guarantee freshness and safety. They haven’t been tested beyond that date, so we recommend using your best judgment if deciding to eat them after the expiration. Like many other food products with expiration dates, the meals may still taste completely fine beyond the date listed, but we’re unable to guarantee their safety or flavor.

Can you store/freeze your meals?

While we have not freezer-tested our meals, many of our customers have frozen them with success. Some ingredients freeze better than others, so it’s important to note that not all meals will maintain their flavor or texture after freezing and thawing. Please also note that the heating instructions are designed for fresh meals, so take extra precautions when reheating from the freezer.

Why do you use so much packaging in your shipments?

We use a balanced amount of recyclable plastic in all of our shipments to ensure the freshness of the food inside. Additionally, unlike many competitors, we don’t freeze or use gas/vacuum-sealed packaging to keep our food fresh. 


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