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How to Stay Hydrated in the Summer Heat

September 1, 2020

We’re fully in the dog days of summer, and nearing fall. That time of the year when the ice cream immediately melts out of the cone and all over your fingers; when you have to do a little dance to make it across your driveway barefoot; when you’re slathering on the SPF as much as possible. It’s also so important to stay hydrated. 

You’ve heard it before — the human body is 60 percent water. For babies, that number is around 78 percent, whereas, in adult women, the body is made up of around 55 percent water. The amount you need to survive is varied according to your age, weight, gender, and location. 

Consider this:

  • Males & females should consume 30-40 mL/kg of water per day. 
    • For example, if you weigh 120 pounds at age 20, that equals about 0.58 gallons of water per day. (Or about 9.28 cups)
    • For example, if you weigh 150 pounds at age 35, that equals about 0.63 gallons of water per day. (Or about 10 cups)
  • Not all the water you consume daily comes from water. It also comes from the foods you eat.

And boy, is it healthy to stay hydrated. Water helps many things, like keeping your joints lubricated, delivers oxygen throughout your body, boosts skin health, cushions sensitive tissues like the brain and spinal cord, regulates body temperature, and so much more. 

So, if you’re looking to get more water out of the food you eat and things that are not directly, well, water, we’ve got a few things up our sleeve. Here are three of our favorite juices to keep you healthy, hydrated, and happy all summer long.

1. Easy Greens + Matcha Cold-Pressed Juice

This one sings, “matcha, matcha man”. And if you don’t hear it, the combination of matcha, kale, and celery will perk your ears right up. A little caffeine boost, and you’ll be singing along with us.

  • Matcha – provides clean energy and immune-boosting goodness
  • Kale – a superfood that is beneficial in combating chronic inflammation and oxidative stress. Supports our body’s detoxification process. 
  • Celery – antioxidant, reduces inflammation, supports digestion, low glycemic, alkalizing, hydrating thanks to electrolytes, a good source of vitamin K.


2. Watermelon Mint + Probiotics Cold-Pressed Juice

It doesn’t smell like freshly cut lawn or SPF — but it sure does taste like summertime. Feeling a little depleted and dehydrated? Stop what you’re doing and replenish with this refreshing juice blend packed with watermelon, mint, and lime.

  • Watermelon – hydrates and heals
  • Mint – can aid in digestion and soothe stomach pain.  
  • Limes – antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, a good source of vitamin C
  • Probiotics – (Bacillus Coagulans GBI-30 6086) Supports digestive and immune health.

Improves digestion, bloating, bowels, defends vessel health, prevents heart attack, decreases cancer risk, and improves systemic immunity.

The balance of our gut bacteria can be thrown off in many ways. Probiotics directly benefit the GI tract and indirectly benefit the joints, lungs, and skin. These effects are due to the impact that probiotics have on immunity. As probiotics break down nutrients, they increase the building of proteins, vitamins, and functional compounds in the body by increasing the absorption and digestibility of nutrients. 


3. Collagen Water + Hydration Functional Water

You’re a literal star. With our Collagen Water + Hydration, you’ll glow like the sun. Whether you drink this first thing in the morning, or anytime during the day, it’ll work hard to improve skin & joint support.

  • Collagen – maintenance of gut lining integrity, gut health, hair, skin and nail health, bone and joint health, thyroid health
  • Lemon + collagen — supports skin and joint lubrication 
  • Lemon + water — super hydrating
  • Lemon – supports your immune system, is alkalizing (helps balance the body’s pH), supports healthy skin (contains essential vitamins & minerals for beautiful, problem-free skin).

Interested in trying out some of our cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and functional waters? Add to your cart today!

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