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December 18, 2019

Our lead RD Sam has been in the nutrition news a lot lately, offering quotes & expertise to the country’s leading media outlets. In this new series, we’re going to share our media mentions, one category at a time. Today, we’re getting started with all the different diet articles we’ve been featured in recently. Here’s a spoiler: Sam’s not the biggest fan of restrictive diets. What does she recommend instead? Sustainable, manageable changes focused on what helps you feel your best.

See our favorite nutrition news mentions below!

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Bone Broth Diet

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Paleo Diet Macros 

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Keto Diet Macros

Keto vs Atkins

Going Gluten & Dairy Free

The Scoop on Plant-Based Eating

What is the Pegan Diet?

Want a Sneak Peek?

  • On Paleo:
    • The Paleo diet is based on the premise of eating real food, as close to our ancestors as possible. It removes common inflammatory foods like grains, dairy, soy, processed vegetable oils, refined sugar and legumes,” says Samantha Presicci, MCN, RD, LD, CPT, lead dietitian at Snap Kitchen. The eating plan comes with a decent amount of potential benefits, she says, including reduced inflammation and improved digestion and blood sugar control.
  • On the eco-keto trend:
    • “Ideally, purchase from local farms or find well-labeled options in store.” She recommends keto dieters load up on plant-based foods but enjoy meat and dairy in moderation in the week. Also, if you are eco-keto, avoid meat substitutes (even if they’re low carb) and just focus on plant-based sources and whole foods. “Not only are [meat substitutes] often highly processed, but they usually have a long list of potentially inflammatory ingredients, including gluten, soy and corn,” Presicci says.
  • On pegan:
    • “The pegan diet is going to be a good option for those looking to decrease inflammation or eat a more nourishing diet, since it focuses predominantly on nutrient-dense veggies and whole, real foods, says Samantha Presicci, the Lead Registered Dietitian (RD) at Snap Kitchen.

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