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Why We Love Registered Dietitians at Snap Kitchen

June 19, 2019

snap kitchen registered dietitians

Your Nutrition Guides 

For great tasting food at Snap Kitchen, we count on our chefs to provide us with the goods. And if what’s inside the box at Snap is our main priority, then know that what’s outside the box is important as well. With our focus on nutrition, we want to make sure that our unbelievably tasty entrees are also good for you too. At Snap you don’t have to compromise on flavor, but how do we deem something healthy? We turn to our team of Registered Dietitians (RDs) for the behind-the-scenes look. 

What makes a dietitian such a trusted resource for all things healthy?

A dietitian is someone who:

  • Completes a minimum of a bachelor’s degree at an accredited university or college
  • Is accepted to and completes an accredited dietetic internship (including 1200+ hours of supervised practice)
  • Passes a national examination
  • Completes ongoing professional educational requirements to maintain registration

There’s a lot of school, science classes, and supervised practice behind those credentials!

Snap Kitchen has had dietitians involved in the menu and nutrition since the very beginning. We believe in providing our customers with chef-driven food that’s been blessed by our in-house Registered Dietitians. Focusing on nutrient-dense foods, proper portions, and high-quality ingredients shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on great taste.

You can meet the team here.

Want personalized advice?

We have some exciting changes in the works where you’ll have more access to our dietitians, with the ability to ask them questions to figure out how to Snap in a way that works for you. Our dietitians will be in some of our stores and online, asking you targeted questions to help get you to a plan that works for you.

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