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Snap Spotlight: PureFish Scottish Salmon

July 28, 2015

Crispy SalmonWe’re pretty proud of the food we put on our shelves at Snap Kitchen. It’s why our Executive Chef crafts a seasonal menu every few months. It’s why we have a registered dietitian’s seal of approval on every item we offer you. It’s why we go to great lengths to consciously source the ingredients that make up our menu.

Speaking of great lengths, that’s how far we’ve gone to score the world’s best salmon for you all to enjoy in our Crispy Scottish Salmon, Scottish Salmon Nicoise Salad, and House Smoked Salmon Snack. Our PureFish Scottish salmon is flown in fresh from the coast of Scotland, where it is farm raised under the approval of Friends of the Sea & RSPCA Freedom Food, & Global G.A.P (Good Aquaculture Practices).

In other words, it’s the gold standard of farmed salmon.

These fish grow to be strong and healthy, swimming in open water with a 99:1 water-to-fish ratio. They feed on an organic, non-GMO feed that’s free of dye and artificial colorants.


The result? A sustainable salmon with a firm texture and buttery flavor. And once you consider the nutritional benefits– essential omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and vitamins B12 & D, we think you’ll be pretty proud of our salmon too.

Smoked Salmon Snack (2)

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