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What To Expect On Your Quick Start Meal Plan

June 10, 2019

Our quick start meal plan is pretty much exactly what it sounds like! It’s a basic, affordable option that is a great starting point if you’re new to Snap. It’s essentially our balance on a budget plan, and we’re so excited about it. We’re all about balance here at Snap, we see it as eating real, good-for-you food that helps you feel your best. Today on the blog, we’re sharing a little bit more about our quick start meal plan to help you see if it’s the right fit for you.

What is the quick start meal plan?

Our quick start plan is designed to be a great entry point into Snap food. It’s affordable, balanced & super easy to manage. Plus, you’ll get to try some customer favorites, like spaghetti turkey bolognese and turkey chili with beans. This plan is designed to ring in at less than $25/day, making it one of our most budget-friendly options. It’s designed to provide breakfast, lunch & dinner. It comes in only one calorie range (around 1200 calories).

What can I eat?

The better question is probably what can’t you eat? Since this plan doesn’t have any restrictions, the only thing you’ll be staying away from is gluten (since all our food is gluten free!). You’ll be eating delicious options for breakfast, lunch & dinner that will help keep you fueled for your day. This differs from our normal balance plan because there is one set calorie range & it’s pretty basic, without many additional snacks or extras.

What should I expect or notice?

Our goal here at Snap Kitchen is to make it easy to help you find healthy, satisfying and exciting meals that you actually look forward to eating. By eating balanced meals filled with the best fresh food ingredients around, you’re fueling your body with everything it needs to thrive. Meals full of whole vegetables and high quality fats and proteins will keep you full and satisfied between meals. No blood sugar roller coaster or hangry feeling here! Our meals can help you reach your unique health goals, and the best part is you don’t have to give up the things you love, since we’ve reimagined them with good-for-you ingredients that will help you thrive.

We 100% support you as you find a healthy lifestyle and embrace the perfect fit for you. After all, good food = good mood. Eating good-for-you foods without compromise: we’re ALL about it! #LifeMadeHealthy

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