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whole foods, no grains

Based on the Paleolithic diet, this style of eating is about going back to basics. No grains, no legumes, no soy, no dairy, no sacrifice.

health benefits
If you are in need of a reset or just want to eat a diet lower in inflammatory foods, this plan is for you. Not only will the meals keep you full & focused, but you will probably notice some great side effects like improved digestion or better sleep.
Sarah Pettry

Registered Dietitian, Snap Kitchen

boost energy

reduce inflammation

improved mood

better digestion

clearer skin

better sleep

common questions

Do you accommodate different dietary preferences?

Yes! In fact, that’s one of the things we’re best at. We offer meals that cater to the following lifestyles – low carb, high protein, balance, paleo, whole30, and keto-friendly. Or, you can also build-your-own to build a custom plan with your favorites.

Can I choose my menu?

Yep. We’ll fill your plan with our suggestions, but you can change them out for your favorites. Switch them up week after week or keep it consistent. The flexibility is in your hands.

Can I cancel or skip at anytime?

You bet. We make it easy to cancel, skip, or reschedule your order. If you are a local customer you can cancel, skip, or reschedule the day of your local delivery or pickup. If you are a shipping customer, you have up to 48 hours prior to the day your order is shipped to cancel, skip, or reschedule.

How does the subscription work?

As a Snap Kitchen subscriber you can create the meal plan that works best for you. Select your meals and switch them up each week as you like. When building your plan you can select from a number of dietary lifestyles or choose to build your own plan. Once you receive your meals it’s as easy as heat, eat, and enjoy.

Is there any cooking involved?

Nope, we took care of that for you. All of our meals are portioned and packaged into microwave and oven safe containers. All you have to do is heat when you are ready to eat by following the heating instructions on the labels.

How do I receive my meal plan?

If you are a local customer, you can pick up your meal plan or have it delivered from any of our 33 locations within Dallas, Houston, Austin, Philadelphia, and their surrounding areas. If you do not live within one of our local markets, we ship our meal plans to all or parts of 38 states within the United States. We’re planning to expand our shipping reach soon!